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As a new staff member, you will be issued an UvAnetID and password by your designated P&O adviser. Your UvAnetID provides access to ICT facilities including:

• the UvA network;
• UvA mail (webmail);
• the UvA workstation;
• Digital Library;
• UvA VPN;
• Self-Service Tool, which can be used to e.g. apply for leave;
• Terms of Employment Menu;

Staff who are not directly employed by UvA, such as temporary, seconded and external staff, are eligible for a UvAnetID. However, they are not allowed to use things such as, the Self-Service tool and the Terms of Employment Menu.

Your UvAnetID is personal, unique and non-transferable. UvA will never ask for your password; as such, you should never reveal your UvAnetID password to others. Furthermore, your UvAnetID password must be changed once per year. Once your contract expires, you will no longer have access to SURFspot and the Self Service-tool. You do retain access to a number of other facilities such as your mail and VPN for 90 days. After that the UvAnetID will expire.

Applying for your UvAnetID

  • UvA employees will automatically receive a UvAnetID once they have been recorded in the personnel administration;
  • Employees of several institutes affiliated with UvA are eligible for a special UvAnetID. Your faculty or ICT service desk’s contact person can apply for this special UvAnetID on your behalf;
  • Retired employees can apply for a special UvAnetID through the Administration Centre’s digital service desk.
  • You may need a dual ID account (i.e., an account granting access to both UvA and AUAS facilities) in order to use the two universities’ shared services (AC, FS, ICTS and the Library). Contact your supervisor if you need an AUAS ID.

Managing your UvAnetID

On, you can inspect your personal details, edit your password and set up an email alias (i.e., a forwarding email address). You must activate your UvAnetID before being able to use it. To this end, an email containing an activation code will be sent to the private email address you have provided.

Two-step log-in

Several UvA systems use a two-step verification procedure. We call this two-step verification. In addition to entering your UvAnetID and password, you will have to use another authentication method, also known as a ‘token’.

ICT Code of Conduct

All UvAnetID users must observe the ICT Code of Conduct.

Contact Servicedesk ICT Services (ICTS)

T: +31 (0)20 525 1402, Mon. to Fri. 8.00 - 18.00.