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Computer and network security

What does CERT stand for?

CERT is the acronym for Computer Emergency Response Team.

What is CERT-UvA?

CERT-UvA is the team of specialists charged with computer and network security at the University of Amsterdam. It is responsible for coordinating the prevention, detection and resolution of security incidents within the UvA. 

When should I contact CERT-UvA?

Contact de CERT-UvA team in the event of a security incident. Issues such as an unavailable Blackboard server does not count as a security incident.

What is a security incident?

A security incident is an event that immediately disrupts the performance of computers or networks, or has the potential to do so in future. Such disruptions can result in the loss, inappropriate use or manipulation of information or copyright violations. Examples of such incidents include the unauthorised accessing of computer systems (hacking) and the introduction of software viruses. 

What does CERT-UvA do?

CERT-UvA is charged with coordinating the prevention, detection and resolution of computer security incidents within the UvA. CERT-UvA serves as a point of contact for UvA and non-UvA staff during incidents involving computers in the UvA network. In the event of an incident, CERT-UvA will coordinate and mediate between the various parties in order to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. CERT-UvA also plays a preventative role. It regularly organises information meetings on a wide range of security-related issues such as patch management, legal affairs and digital forensics. CERT also issues warnings on current security issues. 

Why is security so important?

Computers, networks and automation are key to the UvA’s day-to-day operations. Without adequate security, the University’s primary operating processes would be endangered. 

For example, just imagine what would happen if: 

  • the financial records system suddenly shut down as a result of hacking;
  • the email system no longer functioned because it had been taken over by unauthorised parties;
  • research data was stolen;
  • simulations were disrupted due to computer or network failures;
  • the personal details of UvA students were suddenly disclosed.

What are the benefits of having a CERT?

  • CERT offers a central coordination point within the organisation for all ICT security-related matters. 
  • CERT-UvA responds to security incidents in a systematic and adequate manner. 
  • CERT-UvA effectively and efficiently resolves incidents in order to minimise the loss or theft of data and the disruption of normal service.
  • CERT-UvA applies knowledge on previous incidents in order to respond more effectively to future incidents. This yields improved system and data security.
  • CERT-UvA handles any potential legal matters that could arise during or after an incident in an appropriate manner.
  • CERT-UvA stimulates the exchange of information between UvA-net users.

CERT-UvA Emergency number

T: +31 20 525 3322 (24 hours a day)

  • E: (office hours)

Contact Servicedesk ICTS

Phone: +31 (0)20 525 1402