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CERT-UvA profile

In the document below, you will find the complete CERT-UvA profile and more information on reporting an incident.

Full name

Computer Emergency Response Team – University of Amsterdam time zone 

GMT+1:00 (DST: GMT+2:00)


The address is monitored continuously during office hours. In case of an emergency outside office hours, please use the telephone number. 

Emergency telephone number

T: +31 20 525 3322 (24 hours a day).

Regular mail

Gebouw Leeuwenburg  
Weesperzijde 190   
1097 DZ Amsterdam  
The Netherlands 

PGP-key information 

Naam CERT-UvA Master Key CERT-UvA (2021)
ID 0x04B88AC4C63D248A 0xF0526CF96CDD80DB
Fingerprint 46F7 F18A 0CEC E801 B1C3  6D77 04B8 8AC4 C63D 248A B8C0 9CF0 C7F4 77D7 6781  AA84 F052 6CF9 6CDD 80DB