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UvA says no to violence: Orange the World

The University of Amsterdam is participating in Orange the World. During this international campaign, from 25 November to 10 December 2019, we will demonstrate that our university supports the fight against violence against girls and women. These are the '16 Days of Action against Violence '.

Orange the World

The University of Amsterdam is serious in its commitment to an inclusive, healthy and safe university environment and is an integral partner in raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the facts of violence against women and girls. The role of the UvA is to educate and generate continuous attention for this subject.

The Chief Diversity Officer team and UvA partners are organizing multiple events for and by students and staff during the Orange the World campaign. The Orange the World campaign signifies steps in the right direction towards reflecting on sexual violence and social safety throughout the entire academic year. More activities will follow in March 2020. The CDO team is supported by the Social Safety Taskforce.

Roeterseiland Campus turns Orange

The orange lighting of a building or monument is a encouraged in order to participate in the Orange the World campaign. At the UvA, this will be De Brug on the Roeterseiland Campus, on November 25 from 5 pm to 10 pm.


During the Orange the World campaign, the UvA's Chief Diversity Officer team organizes and sponsors six events around themes social safety, ending the violence against women, making the UvA safer and preventing sexual violence. 

  • 25 November: Orange the World UvA Lighting Ceremony

    Monday 25 November 25: Orange the World UvA Lighting Ceremony

    Time: 16:30-19:00


    • 16:30 Walk in - drinks available
    • 17:00 Welcome by Anne de Graaf, Chief Diversity Officer UvA
    • 17:05 Speech Geert ten Dam, President of the Executive Board UvA
    • 17:15 Lights turn on- ORANGE THE WORLD
    • 17:20 Sahar Afzal, boardmember UN Women NL, about Orange the World campaign
    • 17:30 Academic speech by Renée Römkens – professor by special appointment of Gender Based Violence UvA
    • 18:00 Concluding Remarks by Anne de Graaf, drinks and start mini art exhibition.  

    Location: De Brug, Roeterseiland Campus.

    For whom? For all interested parties.

    Organisation: Chief Diversity Officer UvA. 

    Register here.

  • 25 November: display at Science Park by Amnesty International Studentteam Amsterdam

    Monday 25 November: A display for the international day for Elimination of Violence Against Women by AISA

    Time: 9:00-17:00

    Location: Science Park - Central Hall.

    For whom? For all interested parties.

    Organisation: Amnesty International Studentteam Amsterdam (AISA)

    Registration: not necessary, just come by 

    Description by AISA: AISA will place pairs of women’s shoes in the central hall of Science Park. One pair for each woman killed in the past year in The Netherlands. The shoes, by taking up space, are meant to show how big and widespread this issue is. They also show that you cannot understand what it is like “to walk a mile” in the shoes of an assault or domestic abuse survivor. This was inspired by many similar protests with shoes done around the world. AISA members will be onsite to inform, discuss and share stories. 

    This installation is organized by the Amnesty International Studentteam Amsterdam, with the help of the Chief Diversity Office and Our Bodies Our Voice at UvA. 

  • 2 December: workshop 'Teaching for social safety'

    Monday 2 December: Workshop ‘Teaching for Social Safety’, organized by Stichting Our Bodies Our Voice. 

    Time: 15:00-17:00

    Location: B2.02, Roeterseiland Campus.

    For whom? For staff

    Organisation: Chief Diversity Officer UvA and Our Bodies Our Voice

    Register here.

  • 3 December: Room for Discussion - Megan Twohey: Breaking the Weinstein Story

    Tuesday 3 December: “Megan Twohey on breaking the Weinstein story” - an interview with the New York Times journalist that exposed Harvey Weinstein, by Room for Discussion.

    Time: 13:00-14:00.

    Location: E-hall, Room for Discussion stage, Roeterseiland Campus.

    For whom? For all interested parties.

    Organisation: Room for Discussion, the interview platform of the University of Amsterdam

    Registration not necessary.

    You can find more info on the website of Room for Discussion.

  • 9 December: Panel discussion and lunch

    Monday 9 December: Panel Discussion Lunch Orange the World Uva, “Beyond Awareness: Opening steps and concrete suggestions towards a world without violence against women and girls”.  

    Time: 11:15 - 13:15

    Location: De Brug, Roeterseiland Campus.

    For whom? For all interested parties.

    Organisation: Chief Diversity Officer UvA

    • 11:15 Walk in & lunch buffet open
    • 11:45 Kick off and introducing panel members by Anne de Graaf, Chief Diversity Officer
    • 11:50 Panel Discussion
      • Moderator: Anniek de Ruiter - Director of Bureau Clara Wichmann
      • Conny Roggeband - Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam.
      • Dan Guinness - director of Good Lad Initiative
      • Hellen Felter - scholar, activist, anti-racism trainer and student mentor.
      • Dominique Borm – Project manager at The Service Point for Emancipation (SPE)
    • 12:15 Q&A from attendees
    • 12:30 Breakout into working groups
    • 12:50 Concluding remarks by Anne de Graaf

    Register here.

How can you participate?

Sign up here for the Orange the World events.