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A patent is a means of protecting an invention. A patent grants the owner the exclusive right to realise the value on the invention in question. The Valorisation Regulations 2014 ( Regelingen Valorisatie 2014; see the appendix) apply not only to UvA employees, but also - in certain cases - to students and visiting researchers. Furthermore, the Rijksoctrooiwet 1995 (in Dutch) applies.


The Executive Board established a Patent Facility as a means of financing patent applications, thereby supporting the submission of patents and improving access to expertise in society as a whole. IXA UvA-AUAS (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam UvA-AUAS) has the mandate to manage this facility. IXA is a collaborative entity formed by the TTOs (Technology Transfer Offices) of UvA-HvA, AMC and VU-VUmc.


Any person who develops a potentially patentable invention must notify the dean and IXA UvA-AUAS. A staff member at IXA UvA-AUAS will discuss the invention with you, determine whether it is new and patentable, and establish whether the invention has commercial potential. If it does, IXA UvA-AUAS and the director of the relevant research institute and the faculty dean will make a decision about submitting a patent application. Secrecy is essential to obtaining a patent, at least until the patent application is submitted.

Once a patent application has been submitted, IXA UvA-AUAS will draw up a commercialisation plan together with the inventor. The inventor, his or her faculty or research institute and IXA UvA-AUAS Patent Fund ( Octrooifonds) are each entitled to receive one-third of the proceeds from the invention following the deduction of patent charges. The  maximum amount available to per invention and per patent is €2,500,000.

More information

More information on valorisation, starting up your own company, protecting IP, patent applications and licensing, research and consortium agreements, legal support and building a business case, can be found on the IXA website. You can also contact IXA by calling +31 (0)20 525 2536.

See also Article 1.20 to 1.23 of the CAO and the UvA regulations below.


VSNU website - CAO NU

Valorisation Regulations 2014 (available in Dutch only)