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ICT workstations REC: Windows 10

ICT workstations REC: Windows 10

All ICT workstations (i.e. laptops and desktops) at the UvA will be getting a major upgrade this year. This needs to be done to keep workstations working properly and to enable them to run the latest applications. From 16 April to 18 May, all ICT workstations managed by the UvA will make the transition to the Windows 10 operating system; laptops older than four years and desktops older than five years will be replaced outright.

What should I expect?

You will soon be requested to schedule an appointment to have your ICT workstation upgraded. If you manage your own workstation, you will receive information later this year on how to install Windows 10 yourself.

  • Windows 10 upgrade on your current laptop: turn your laptop in at the agreed upon time and you can pick it up the following morning. You will be without your laptop for a portion of the day during the upgrade.
  • New laptop with Windows 10: turn in your old laptop at the agreed upon time and you will receive your new laptop straight away.
  • Windows 10 upgrade on your current desktop: You will receive notification on your desktop with the date and time the computer is to be upgraded. During installation, you will not be able to use your desktop computer for approximately 4 hours.
  • New desktop with Windows 10: You will receive notification on your desktop with the date and time the new desktop computer is to be installed and connected. Installation and connection takes approximately 10 minutes.

What should I do before and after installation?

  • Prior to installation: secure any locally stored data, software and personal settings, as these will be erased during the installation. A checklist is provided here.
  • After installation: some things will be different from what you are used to. A checklist and manuals will help you restore your personal settings and get everything up and running.

What else is being done to make ICT workstations futureproof? 

  • New email environment (this summer): Mailbox capacity will be at least 4GB instead of the current 1GB. Also, please note that the login page and the online email environment “webmail” will have a different appearance at some point in the future.
  • Office 365 ProPlus (second half of 2018): All ICT workstations managed by the UvA will be getting the local version of Office 365 ProPlus. This gives employees the latest version of Microsoft Office.
  • Change passwords annually: At some point between April and the end of the year, all employees will be asked to change their passwords.

In the runup to these changes, we will keep you informed about their implementation and how to prepare for them.

Turning in and picking up laptops

A temporary Windows 10 Service Point will be set up in the entry hall of building A where laptops can be turned in and picked up.

More information and contact info

More information about the transition to Windows 10 can be found in the A-Z list under ICT Workstation. The Windows 10 team will do its utmost to keep inconvenience to a minimum.

If you have any questions or comments about the rollout, please contact Yasser Ibrahim, Willem Kox (FMG) or Victor Ewald at .