English language communication

The official language of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is Dutch. However, for the benefit of non-Dutch readers, including international students and staff, the UvA provides basic information in English regarding institutional policy, teaching and research, legal rights and obligations and employment matters.

Translation agencies

The UvA has three preferred suppliers for translation services. These are Metamorfose Vertalingen, UvA Talen and a new preferred supplier, AVB Vertalingen. UvA employees must use one of these agencies for their translation, editing and copywriting work. 

AVB Vertalingen

T: +31 (0)20 645 6610 
E: avb@avb.nl 
I: www.avb-vertalingen.nl

Metamorfose Vertalingen

T: +31 (0)30 271 9200 
E: info@metamorfosevertalingen.nl 
I: www.metamorfosevertalingen.nl

UvA Talen

T: +31 (0)20 525 4678 
E: vertalers@uvatalen.nl 
I: www.uvatalen.nl


Questions about the translation procedure, the translation agencies or preferred terminology? Email your query to: vertaalcoordinator-bc@uva.nl.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

13 January 2015